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Project overview

Organisation: NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde
Hospital Inverclyde Royal Hospital
Project: Endoscopy Suite and Decontamination Unit 
: £500, 000
Timescale: 2010-2011

Project specifics:

  • End result was a colourful, refreshing clinical area
  • Understanding of the correct flow of patient care
  • Specialist machines used to clean all instruments and equipment
  • A high level of intricate Architectural, Mechanical & Electrical design required
  • Meticulous communication with all user groups

Endoscopy Suite and Decontamination Unit - IRH

This project was an extremely rewarding and exciting project where the final results created a colourful, refreshing environment for hospital management, staff and patients within this clinical area.

Understanding the correct flow of patient care has always been one of the most important aspects of any hospital upgrade or new build project.

This project in particular had it's unique challenges which were studied in detail in order that the design team and Alterego fully absorbed the main and vital objectives of specific areas of operational matters which required much improvement.

To support the Endoscopy suite we were required also to upgrade a specific area to facilitate a fully functional decontamination unit. This operational part of the project was to operate as an intense and highly managed cleaning area, with specialist machines used to clean all instruments and equipment used within the endoscopy area. Specialist finishes were introduced with clean and contaminated areas. Seamless design was evident in all aspects of all working areas. Positive and negative pressure considerations were installed to ensure separation.

The project involved an extremely high level of intricate Architectural ,Mechanical & Electrical design ,with concentrated management ,which successfully reached the common goals of all concerned.

The project was a success due to once again managed and effective communication through all areas of stakeholder contribution, creative design, effective management and the integration with our Estate & Facility colleagues.