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Project overview

Organisation: NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde
Hospital: Gartnavel General Hospital
Project: Endoscopy Reprocessing Unit
Value: £500, 000
Timescale: 2010

Project specifics:

  • High specification levels for installation
  • High standards of infection control
  • Working above operational theatres
  • Consultation with users and hospital management

Endoscopy Reprocessing Unit - GGH

This project was carefully designed with the usual consultation with essential users and hospital management.

The unit once operational was to effectively deal with high level cleansing of instrument used with endoscopy medical procedures. Specialist high density, high temperature washing units were purchased and installed to high specification levels.

Finishes within the reprocessing areas were of high polished quality with the use of white rock, easily cleaned wall finishes which were seamless to the overall environmental risks which are prevalent within such an operational unit such as this. Floor finishes and surface finishes were also to an extremely high standard to meet the high risk demands of infection control.

Delicate and robust ventilation installations and pressure control elements within each area of the unit were imperative for smooth operational flow.

Because the unit was constructed above fully operational Theatres problems did exist, but were overcome in the areas of:

• Existing drainage externally.
• Existing drainage internally.
• Risk of flooding to areas below.
• Electrical Infrastructure.
• Weatherproofing.
• Connecting to existing ventilation systems
• Infection control.
• Traffic Management.

The design was successfully and refreshingly colourful, which enhanced the appearance of this area of the hospital.