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Project overview

Organisation: NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde
Hospital: Glasgow Royal Infirmary
Ward Refurbishments
Value: £21 million
Timescale: 2007-2010

Project specifics:

  • Working closely with management and stakeholders
  • Liaising with facility, estate, infection control and H&S
  • 15 wards refurbished
  • Improvement of decaying infrastructure
  • Management of Asbestos issues
  • Surrounging live environments required sensitive consideration and co-ordination whilst works were ongoing concerning noise control, infection control including dust control and areas of access and egress

Ward Refurbishments - GRI

With the ultimate closure of Stobhill hospital a plan was developed to upgrade a number of wards at Glasgow Royal over a strategic timescale. Working closely with NHS directors and stakeholders, facility teams, estate teams, infection control management and health and safety management we successfully refurbished some 27 wards to an enhanced state, offering improvement through bed spacing, visual observation, staff working areas, patient monitoring, medical gas installation, specified uniform cosmetic finishes, which ultimately contributed towards improved clinical care.

The works also involved the improvement of the decaying infrastructure arrangements within the existing building and involved the numerous temporary decanting of patient wards to allow the old services to be removed and the new services to be installed. Asbestos works were evident within all ward locations adding more issues to those expected, but all aspects of the works were managed to a high degree to the comfort of user management within the hospital.

One of the main demands was managing contractors within this extremely busy and live clinical environment at all times minimising operational impact.

The wards 65,66,67,2,3,23,24,26,28,35,38,36,39 & St Mungo's were carried out over 8 Projects costing in the region of £12 million. All projects were delivered on time and on budget

Additional ward refurbishments within Glasgow Royal Infirmary

As part of a progressive plan to upgrade the Medical, Surgical & Central block ward facilities Alterego has managed the upgrade of wards 4,5,6,8,9,11. And is currently managing the refurbishment of wards 10,7 & 16. Total value is in the region of £8 Million. In addition we are planning for the refurbishment of wards 29 & 32 at a cost of £1.6 million and have conducted a feasibility study which has now generated a live project to be carried out during 2014/15.  The estimated value of this project is in the region of £2m.  

Additional managed refurbishment works within the Glasgow Royal Infirmary include:

Upgrading of patient toilets
New build of medical gas storage facility
Upgrading of Rheumatology day ward
Replacement of damaged pipework
Window replacement
Flooring replacement
Lighting upgrade
Insulation replacement
Replacement roof works
Creation of administration unit
Creation of laundry Storage facility